My name is Emma, but you can call me Mort. I am a writer, a lover, and a full-time decaf coffee drinker. Also a mahoosive nerd.

While writing my dissertation, I got into live-blogging my thoughts on a few novels via Facebook. I had several requests for me to continue, but not wanting to clog up peoples’ Facebook feeds I thought I would find a more appropriate outlet. I post full reviews of the novels I read here, and a run a commentary of my thoughts on Twitter: @EMLetsRead

In addition, I run a weekly post called Tip Tuesday, where I give advice on everything from Flirting to Food.

Currently, I am also participating in a self-made challenge: The Grahame Greene Affair. There will be regular progress updates as I attempt to finish my novel, Rimjhim, by the end of the year.


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