The First for the Shelf


I’ve decided to create a new rule:

If I can’t bring myself to read a novel for over a month, then that novel get’s shelved and I move on.

So unfortunately, Welcome to Sharonville by Sharon Zink, is going to be the first on that shelf.

What started off as a hopeful but clunky piece of fiction, didn’t get any stronger, and there is only so long a reader can hang on. Honestly, what finally pushed me over the edge was the description of an attractive doctor’s thumbs as “hamsters” peeping out of his pockets. It just reminds me of something I would have written in the first year of my degree, and suggests poor judgement and sloppy editing.

That being said, I was quite fond of some of the characters, and may come back to this novel when I have more time. However, at the moment I’m searching for work and writing pretty much constantly, so I need to be reading for pleasure. And that means reading something that won’t irrationally irritate me with me with hamsters.

So, as of tomorrow, Sharonville will be shelved, and I’ll be starting The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, which I’ve been gagging to read since it arrived months ago.


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